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During a divorce or some other conflict among parents who live apart, each party wants what he or she believes to be in their children’s best interests, but those issues are not always easy to settle. The Law Office of Michael A. Troy PLLC, located in Greenbelt, Maryland and Washington, D.C., handles child custody and visitation issues with skill and sensitivity. Like each son or daughter, each situation is unique and we are prepared to use whatever legal method works best to reach appropriate fair results.

Greenbelt attorney assists with issues involving residence and legal authority

Many lawyers consider custody to be the most difficult type of family law issue to deal with because of the emotions involved. It can be even more trying when the parents do not have a friendly relationship. We are ready to provide you the legal support you need in Washington, D.C. or Maryland if you are struggling with issues related to:

  • Legal custody — After a divorce, it can be difficult for parents to agree on major parenting decisions. Courts typically favor joint legal custody arrangements so that each parent can contribute to the choices that will shape their son or daughter’s life, such as school, healthcare and religion. We can show you how to set helpful ground rules to deal with differences that might arise.
  • Physical custody — Where a young person lives is critically important in their development. Though parents can share physical custody, it may be easier for the child to reside primarily in one home, as long as the nonresident parent has ample visitation rights. If you’re engaged in a dispute over physical custody, relocation or visitation, our firm provides a detailed perspective on the merits of your case.
  • Factors in custody decisions — Many different factors can go into a custody determination, including each parent’s ability to care for the child and cooperate with their former partner. Also considered are education opportunities, financial stability and the youth’s preference, if he or she is mature enough.

Issues regarding custody sometimes must be litigated to protect the best interests of your children. Advice from an experienced family law attorney can help you determine whether the issues in your case merit litigation or whether the focus should be on pursuing consensus with your co-parent.

Knowledgeable advocate provides detailed counsel on visitation rights

Parenting plans in general should include a schedule of when the party without primary residential custody will have visitation with the child. Working with a lawyer who has a long history of handling these issues helps you anticipate complications that could arise and incorporate various contingencies into the schedule, such as modified arrangements when a child is ill. If you’re being barred from seeing your son or daughter in violation of visitation terms, our firm can take aggressive action on your behalf.

What rights do grandparents have?

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of so many young people, but it can be difficult for a grandmother or grandfather to establish visitation rights if either of the child’s parents objects. If you are a grandparent seeking the legal right to visit your grandchild, we’ll examine the relevant factors to see if it is possible to make a case that your absence is harming the child. Our firm can initiate action on behalf of grandparents seeking temporary or permanent custody in situations where a child is in serious danger due to violence, neglect or substance abuse.

Proven firm offers guidance about setting up a parenting plan

Our firm works closely with clients to draft comprehensive parenting plans. These documents cover various matters, such as how critical parenting decisions will be made and when the child will spend time in each home. As an experienced family law attorney, Michael A. Troy advises parents on issues that are sometimes overlooked, including transportation arrangements, holiday plans and adjustments that might be required for vacations, sports or other extracurricular activities. Usually, it’s preferable for parents to find a suitable compromise and submit a joint plan, but if an appropriate agreement cannot be reached, our firm is prepared to develop suitable arrangements and demonstrate to the court why they should be part of the custody order.

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