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Domestic violence is extremely serious. If you’ve been victimized by abuse from a spouse, romantic partner or someone else close to you, your voice needs to be heard and you must be protected. What’s more, someone accused of abusive conduct might be forced to comply with an order that restricts their activity or prevents them from visiting or communicating with their children. Serving clients from locations in Greenbelt, Maryland and Washington, D.C., The Law Office of Michael A. Troy PLLC is committed to making sure that area residents have the legal representation they need to protect themselves and their rights.

Effective attorney handles the process of filing for a restraining order

Protective orders may prohibit individuals from making threatening comments, sharing a home with an accuser, taking possession of pets and maintaining custody of children. Someone who is the subject of a restraining order also might have to surrender their firearms. Our firm assists victims seeking immediate relief by preparing the necessary forms for an interim order and assembling materials that support the imposition of sanctions against the alleged abuser. Before an order can become final for a period of at least a year, accused individuals must be afforded the opportunity to be heard in court. We deliver sound counsel and representation to clients during these proceedings.

Thorough counselor outlines the primary types of domestic violence

Several different types of domestic violence can justify the issuance of a protective order, including:

  • Assault — Physical abuse should not be tolerated no matter what type of relationship the parties have. An assault might lead to criminal charges in addition to civil restrictions.
  • Threats and mental abuse — When one party’s words or actions create a fear of imminent harm, a protective order can be obtained even if there has been no physical contact. Maryland also offers legal relief when a child is the victim of mental abuse.
  • Stalking — In both Maryland and Washington, D.C., stalking is grounds for an order of protection. The alleged abuser and victim might have serious disagreement about whether particular acts constitute stalking. Our firm will apply the facts to the relevant law and outline your options.

If you or someone in your home has been subjected to, threatened with or accused of domestic violence, there is no time to waste. An experienced family law attorney can make an effective presentation to the court to prevent what otherwise might be an unjust outcome.

Family lawyer advises on the link between domestic violence and divorce

Allegations of domestic violence frequently accompany contentious divorce proceeding and related matters, such as child support disputes. Evidence of domestic violence is a factor that courts must consider when making visitation and custody arrangements. Whether you or someone else has been victimized by abuse or you have been accused of improper conduct, we carefully gather the facts and present them to the court. If a danger exists, a parent with a history of abuse might not receive legal or physical custody and might be required to have someone else present during visits with their son or daughter. Moreover, property division and alimony awards can be determined in part by the circumstances that led to the divorce, including assertions that domestic violence prompted the breakup.

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