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Firm seeks effective solutions for clients throughout the Washington, D.C. area

Major life transitions involving marriage and parenting often require the assistance of a skillful, attentive family law attorney. At The Law Office of Michael A. Troy PLLC, our firm helps clients in Washington D.C. and Maryland with all types of family law concerns, including divorces, custody matters, separation agreements and domestic violence protective orders. With offices in Greenbelt and the District, we are committed to safeguarding the legal rights and financial interests of those we represent. By providing sound, personalized advice, attorney Michael A. Troy enables clients to obtain the outcome they want for themselves and their children.

Dedicated lawyer assists with divorces, custody matters and prenups

Since the opening of our firm, we have earned a reputation for delivering aggressive, professional legal representation for a whole host of family law concerns, including:

  • Divorce — Throughout the divorce process, you can rely on us for exceptional advice and advocacy, tailored to your particular values and goals. If conflicts exist over property division, alimony or other aspects of marital dissolution, we’ll formulate a well-thought out strategy designed to accomplish your objectives so you can start the next phase of your life positively.
  • Parenting matters — Even though a marriage ends, everyone benefits when parents work together on a plan that ensures both of them will maintain frequent, meaningful contact with the children they share. In assisting clients with issues pertaining to custody, visitation and child support, our firm focuses on developing a framework that promotes a healthy environment for young people and their parents.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — We prepare marital agreements that that set ground rules for property division, alimony and other issues in the event the marriage comes to an end.

No matter what family law challenges you face, our firm is determined to ease your burden and identify the best solutions possible.

Family law advocate represents individuals seeking to modify orders

After a marriage ends, the parties may have to abide by the terms of a divorce order for many years. Obligations that were appropriate when the marriage ended might no longer be fair when one of the parties experiences a job change, medical crisis or some other event that substantially alters the circumstances on which the original order was based. Whether you are looking to change or preserve arrangements relating to custody, visitation, alimony or child support, our firm provides a clear-eyed assessment of whether a modification of the order might be granted. Should you choose to pursue or oppose a modification request, we provide strong advocacy no matter what the particular issue entails.

Skillful litigator assists parties during enforcement proceedings

Though family law orders are issued by a court, parties sometimes ignore their terms, perhaps figuring that a former partner won’t seek court enforcement. If you’re dealing with a former spouse who won’t fulfill their legal requirements or are being accused of disregarding an obligation, our firm can represent you in formal or informal enforcement proceedings. In many instances, the matter can be corrected through strong communication, but we are always prepared to go before a judge in order to assure compliance or present a strong defense.

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Michael A. Troy PLLC advises clients on various types of family law issues, including divorces, custody matters and preparation of prenuptial agreements. Please call 202-655-5512 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney. Our offices are located in Greenbelt, Maryland and Washington, D.C.