Michael Troy knows his way around a court room; he gathers the facts, presents a clear, concise and compelling accounting of events. Mr. Troy is a lawyer who can look across the playing field to see the opportunities when applying the law to your specific case and he sees the risk on the horizon and is able to plan effectively for that possible risk. Michael Troy is the advocate anyone would want on their side.

Advocate You Want on Your Side.


Mike helped me navigate a potentially difficult and contentious divorce in a smooth and non-confrontational manner. This was my second divorce, and what struck me about Mike’s style was his emphasis on identifying alternatives that minimized conflict and litigation, while also achieving my objectives.

His overall philosophy emphasizes constructive solutions rather than costly litigation, and having now gone through a divorce in both ways, I definitely prefer Mike’s approach.

Constructive Solutions


Doctors and lawyers don’t usually get along, but I love my lawyer. Most of us are know-it-alls, and lawyers don’t like us, but most of them can handle us. Michael Troy led me through the dizzying maze of a divorce settlement agreement with a sure sympathetic hand. He did so while making sure I was fair to myself, not just to my x-wife. He did everything he could to keep me sane and safe in tumultuous times and sought out the best help he could think of. One word comes to mind when I think of Michael Troy; integrity. Dr. Ayman, plastic surgeon, and CEO of Luxxery Medical boutique, Washington DC.

Lawyer with Integrity.


From my perspective as a British client, Michael is not only an exemplary family law attorney but also a remarkable credit to the American legal profession. For the last 16 months, he has tirelessly and diligently managed a series of complicated unexpected consequences of my D.C. divorce decree. His keen intelligence, considerable legal experience and priceless insights into human psychological vulnerability contribute to his effectiveness. As a trusted lawyer, he deftly combines integrity, dignity and respectfulness with toughness and determination in pursuit of his clients’ legal rights. He is a superb communicator who is totally committed to finding the best possible legal solutions for his clients and their families. His focus, sensitivity and professional demeanor command the respect of his colleagues. It is a privilege to be one of his fortunate clients.

Exemplary Lawyer


Gave great free advice during the initial consultation and was available for follow up questions. Look forward to using his services in the future. Many thanks.

Consultation was Great!

Divorce Client

Mr. Troy has exemplified all of the attributes of a legal professional and has gone above and beyond the call during holidays and non work hours to be available to his client,


Michael Troy did an absolutely fantastic job representing me through my divorce. He gave sound reasonable advice and was always available. He resolved a very difficult situation and could not have been more helpful. I would highly recommend his services. You simply won’t find any one better.

James W.

Michael Troy is a good man who genuinely cares about each and every client he represents. He also goes above and beyond what is expected of him to get the job done. When Michael first represented me as his client in filing for my divorce, I met with him personally to discuss my case in details. He made me feel comfortable and was genuine in listening to my concerns. He listened to everything that I had to say first and sympathized with me and understood that my decision to file for divorce was difficult but that he would be my legal support each and every step of the way to make it as easy on me as possible. He understood that one of my major concerns was to be able to obtain primary or sole legal and physical custody of my children. Michael worked tirelessly to make sure my concerns were heard in court regarding my concerns about my children and I was able to obtain primary and legal custody of my children. He kept me informed each and every step of the way with the divorce and custody hearing. He thoroughly listened to the concerns I had and did his best to make sure that all of my expectations in the case were met and that I was awarded what was important to me. Michael is a very down to earth guy, he makes it easy for his clients to talk to him and he gets the job done in court. He always makes himself accessible to his clients by phone, email or in person any time day or night. Whenever I call or send him and email, he always respond right away. He also understood my financial situation and worked with me on coming up with an appropriate payment system.

Genuinely Cares


I’ve known Mike for ten years. Years ago when I started an e-commerce company, Mike served as our attorney. He served as my personal and business advisor through a multitude of issues ranging from (incorporation, liability issues, business risks, contract, venture funding, stock distribution, employee benefits). We found him excellent on the legal side but also the business side. The business side is what distinguished him from other attorneys. Many lawyers are well versed in law but lack an understanding of business strategy and philosophy. Mike’s father and brother are very successful business men and has been a great resource and source of education for Mike. Although he normally worked with larger public companies, he was the right fit for us. It was one of the best decisions the company made. Mike steered us through three rounds of financing and didn’t sit back and wait for problems arise. When he gets involved with a client he is extremely proactive and loves being part of the team. He is responsive and puts his client’s best interests first – not his. Mike is the master of figuring out what keeps an executive up at night and finding solutions to those problems– solutions that are not only legally sound but cost effective. I unequivocally endorse Michael Troy as an attorney.

Excellent Attorney